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Building blocks for a better internet

Stacks’ focus is to replace today's most common centralized cloud service providers and apps that collect and make money off users' information. It's time to build a better owned internet, a user owned internet.

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By holding STX on OKCoin, you can earn up to 8% APY in bitcoin. See how much you can earn with an STX calculator.

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Internet Ownership

A future where the ownership rights you enjoy in the physical world extend to the digital world--an internet where you own your personal data.

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dApp Development

Blockstack focuses on providing tools for developers that are building secure apps and smart contracts using the Clarity language on Bitcoin


Stacks 2.0

STX uses the Bitcoin blockchain as a secure base layer bringing apps and smart contracts to Bitcoin. Unlocking innovation, value, and a new way to earn BTC.


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Trade with friends. Refer a friend to OKCoin and you both receive $10 in BTC. Rewards are high, and the possibilities are endless! Learn more.

$1 million STX airdrop

We're celebrating our upcoming STX listing with our biggest airdrop yet—up to $1 Million worth of STX. Fund your OKCoin account to participate. Click below for all the details.

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AMA with Blockstack

OKCoin's Global CMO Haider Rafique, COO Jason Lau, and Listing Manager Elaine Song join Blockstack's Executive Director Brittany Laughlin for an AMA. Led by community driven questions, the two teams discuss what it means for OKCoin to be the first US exchange to list STX, the STX project in detail, the final listing date, and OKCoin’s largest airdrop yet.

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